# General

Here you can edit initial information about the project. Change the name of your project and the description.


# Project roles

Assign specific roles to your coworkers for better management of your project.


# Ticketing system

Connection to 3rd party software (JIRA and GIT) for systems synchronization (these settings will configure TestDirector based on how e.g. JIRA names particular items).
More details for JIRA integration visit JIRA integration page


# Export

Select an area which you would like to export for detailed overview.


# Workflow

  • Bugs - workflow for bugs where you can configure which user role can do what with the bugs

  • Bugs statuses - configure bug statuses - by clicking the Create status button, you can have as many statuses as needed.
    It is mandatory to assign the first status and final status.

  • Project priority - configure project priority naming by clicking the button Add priority

  • Tasks - click on Statuses button to create or edit task statuses and manage which user role can work with which task status.
    IMPORTANT: Don't forget to set the first and final status.

  • Test case - create or edit test case statuses and manage which user role can work with which test case status

  • Custom fields - manage the required fields in the bug/task creation forms and make your own custom fields

  • Module - serves for adding gestors for specific application modules. Once a tester creates a bug or task, he can assign a specific module in them. If the tester needs a piece of information about the module, he can check who the gestor is in this section, without looking for him in the organization hierarchy.
    Components serve for filtering artefacts such as bugs and tasks which can be synchronized with JIRA. You can assign a specific component to a bug or a task.

# Archive / Delete

You can archive or remove the current project. In case of removing, it will never be physically deleted as it will stay in our database in case you would need to revive the data.


# Tags

For better data organizing it's a good idea to use tags. In this section you can edit existing ones or create completely new tags.


# Activity

In order for users to track their time at work, create an activity to specific users and they will be able to use it in their Operating Log section.


# External Ticket

In case you have testers which don't have TestDirector license but you still need them to report any bugs from any application they are testing in a particular project, you may need this feature.

Fill in the Name of the form, select the mandatory sections and assign a person to receive the form messages.

Once you hit the Active checkbox, a URL link will appear. You can send it to your testers and whenever they create a bug in the form, the assigned person will receive a notification that there was a new bug created externally. This person can then create a bug in TestDirector and assign it for further processing.


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