Test Analysis

# Test Analysis

Test case creation has never been easier.

The analysis screen works based on a folder structure which should be created at the beginning.
Once you have a folder, you can start creating Test Sets and then Test Cases.

Other options of Test case creation:

  • Bulk test case - select an existing Test Set and quickly make a bulk of new test cases
  • Import/export - you can export details about your Test Sets into Excel file for analytical work and after changes are made, you can import the file back so the changes get applied in TestDirector
  • Bulk push - this feature transfers Test Sets or Test Cases into the Storage or Projects section
  • If there is an existing Test Set, you can just click on "+" button to create a new Test Case in it
  • There is an option to Clone test set with all test cases or to clone a specific test case


Search and Filter sections are in place for better co-operation with a bigger amount of existing Test Sets/Cases.

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