Specific Settings

# Role

Add, edit or delete the roles based on your needs.

There are no limitations as to how you should name them or which rights to assign to them.


Once you hit the "Add role" button, you can decide whether the new role would be a portal one (giving the user specific rights in the whole portal) or a project one (user rights for a project).


# Mailer

Set email notifications to be sent to a user after a specific action happens, e.g. when you assign a test case to a user, he would receive an email with the content template which you created.

On this page you can see all the scenarios when an email notification can be sent.

Update the languages with your content, activate the email template and you're ready.




Should you need to use LDAP protocol to access and maintain your distributed directory information services, fill in the login details.

For any help with this feature, don't hesitate to contact our support team.


# Application list

For testing purposes to actually link the test with a particular application or system, it's important you create your application name list here.

First create modules and environments (next tabs in Settings) and then add your applications.


# Module

Add modules of the applications that will be tested.


# Environment

Add environments of the applications that will be tested.


# License

Once TestDirector is purchased, each owner receives a license key which is either prepopulated by Denevy or the owner can enter it himself.

TestDirector is checking the license validity with our license server and once the license expires, you will be notified.

License key is limited by an amount of users and time period based on the purchase.


# Broadcast message

When you need to notify all TestDirector users, you can use this feature which would add a highlighted message at the top of the TestDirector screen for everyone to see.

Set your message, highlight colour, when the message should appear and when it should end.



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